Terms and Conditions


C/ Ganduxer, 25-27 parquing -1, 08021 Barcelona
C.I.F.: B-66843814
Tlfn: (+34) 93 362 48 38– e-mail: legal@rentlux.com
PURPOSE: Maintenance and management of the commercial relationship and advertising campaigns
AUTHORIZATION: Authorized by the interested party and upon hiring of services
TARGET GROUP: Other companies in the RENTLUX group in charge of processing data outside EU under the Privacy Shield.
RIGHTS: Access, correct and delete data, data portability, right to not be subject to automated decisions and to obtain clear and transparent information on the processing of their data.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:   You may the privacy policy in detail here



  1. General information on the website’s owner: The owner of the domain and website rentlux.com and all the subdomains and directories included therein (hereinafter jointly referred to as the “Website”) is the trade company INTERNOVA RENTLUX, S.L.U., with registered office at C/ Ganduxer, 25-27 parquing -1, 08021 Barcelona, with Tax Identification Code: B-66843814 and is duly registered in the Companies House of Barcelona in Volume/Book: 45535, sheet: 177 Page: B491025, Entry: 1. Hereinfater, RENTLUX.

    You may contact us for any matter related to these terms of service by email: legal@rentlux.com.

    Alternatively, you may contact us by phone: (+34) 93 362 48 38 or by email to info@rentlux.com.

  2. Use of the Website:

    1. Responsible access and use: Access and later use of the Website is available to all and free of charge but is nevertheless subject to the terms of service herein. By accessing the Website, you are stating that you are of legal age and legally qualified to be bound by these terms and that you are solely and exclusively responsible for the use you make of it. Should you disagree with the contents of these terms of use, you should promptly abandon the Website and you will not be entitled to enjoy the services and/or contents therein. You are to always make an appropriate use of the resources made available to you on the Webiste, pursuant to these terms, ethics, public order, best practices and current laws without damaging the owners of the Website or third parties. You therefore agree to not use such resources to commit any acts that may be illicit, illegal, contrary to good faith or public order; damage the hardware or software owned by RENTLUX, its suppliers or third parties, infect with or spread computer virus on the network or any other hardware or software that may cause the damages mentioned above.

      Some of the Website pages may allow you to enter your feedback or create contents. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to spread contents or propaganda that may be illicit, racist, xenophobic, in defence of terrorism, against human rights, spur hate, attack a person’s dignity, slanderous or libellous, or be against public order or safety. RENTLUX reserves the right to eliminate any feedback and/or contents that violate the above or that the company may consider as inappropriate for its Website.

      In any case, RENTLUX will not be held responsible for any opinions published by the users through its forums, chats, blog or other tools that may be created, unless otherwise foreseen in the current regulations.

      Should the user provide any personal data, these should be accurate, complete, true, up to date and will be processed and treated in accordance with the current laws on personal data protection. RENTLUX reserves the right to reject any user request to register if such data violate these requirements.

    2. Contents: Through the RENTLUX’s corporate Website, we provide you with all the information about our company, the services we provide –hiring luxury cars– and any other information we believe might be of relevance or interest and/or related to such services.

    3. Contact: If you wish, you may contact us through the “CONTACT US” option on the Website’s homepage menu in order to solve any doubts you may have with regard to our services, by providing the data required in the form and upon reading and accepting the privacy policy if you agree with it. As the user, you are solely and exclusively responsible for ensuring that the data you provide RENTLUX with are up to date, complete and, of course, accurate and true. RENTLUX will not be held responsible if the data you provide do not comply with these requirements.

    4. Request to Book Cars: If you wish, you may ask to book one of the cars displayed on our Website by clicking the picture or the “SEE MORE” link on the car’s specifications when you want to know its availability.

      For such purposes, you will be prompted to enter your data in the relevant form (place, date and time of pick-up, place, date and time of drop-off, name, last name, phone, email) and you may enter other observations or provide additional information on what you need.

      After reading and accepting these terms of use and the privacy policy, if you agree with them, through a statement or clear affirmative action –checking a box or clicking a special button–, you are to click the button to send the booking request. Please bear in mind that this action does not complete the booking. Based on the information received through the form, our team will contact you and, if possible, will confirm whether the car is available for the dates and place requested and will then take the necessary steps for the booking and/or hire of the vehicle according to the contract terms made available to you before signing the contract. If the car requested were not available for the place and/or dates you requested, our team can provide you with other options, if you wish, that are similar to the car you asked for.

      In any case, if our team has not contacted you with regard to the service you asked for through our Website, the booking will not be confirmed.

  3. Responsibility:

    1. Website availability: RENTLUX cannot guarantee that the Website will always be free of interruptions and faults. However, RENTLUX does agree, as soon as they become aware of such incidents, to take all the actions required to resume or repair the service, unless the causes of such interruptions or faults are beyond the company’s control.

    2. Third-party contents and virus: RENTLUX shall not be held responsible for any contents, opinions, third-party information and/or services linked through the Website that do not belong to the Website. Nor can it guarantee such contents will be free of virus or other elements that may alter the user’s hardware or software or the documents and files stored on their system as a result of virus on the user’s computer used to access the services and web contents or the use of a browser that has not been updated or does not work correctly.

  4. Intellectual and Industrial Property:

    1. Web contents: All elements and/or contents shown on the Website have been created by RENTLUX or the company has the licence or authorization required to use them, and this entailed an intellectual and/or financial effort that was fully paid by RENTLUX. Therefore, all these elements and/or contents, such as images, audio, video, software or texts; brands or logos, colour schemes, layout and design, apps required for its operation, access and use, etc. and the rights thereof, belong to RENTLUX on an exclusive basis. For this reason, the reproduction, distribution, public spreading -including making it available- and alteration of all or part of the web contents on any media or by any technical means are strictly forbidden without prior, express and written consent from RENTLUX. Otherwise, the user will be violating RENTLUX’s exclusive intellectual and industrial property rights. Therefore, the user agrees to respect such rights and will refrain from eliminating, altering, bypassing or manipulating any protection or security system installed on RENTLUX’s pages.

    2. Contents produced by the user: By accepting these terms of service, the user grants RENTLUX all the powers required by law to disclose the user’s contributions to current or future services on the Website. Under no circumstances will the user be allowed to load, share or make any other use of legally protected contents without the appropriate and legal authorizations under the laws on intellectual property and on industrial property (brands, patents, utility models, industrial designs). RENTLUX offers the chance to report any violation of rights by a user or third party by incorporating certain contents to the Website. This may be reported to RENTLUX by email to legal@rentlux.com.

  5. Policy on Links:

    1. Links from other websites: If you wish to embed link or have embedded a link on another website to a RENTLUX web page you are required to comply with these terms:
      • The user is forbidden to reproduce the services and contents on the Website, whether in total or partially, and to set up deep-links, IMG or image links and frames on RENTLUX’s Website without the company’s express and written consent.
      • No false, inaccurate or incorrect statements on the RENTLUX Website or its services and contents will be allowed. Except for signs that are part of the link, the web page with the link will not contain any brand, tradename, store sign, corporate name, logo, or other distinguishing signs that belong to RENTLUX, unless expressly authorized by the company.
      • Setting up the link does not entail a relationship between RENTLUX and the owner of the web page or website with the link, or the knowledge or acceptance by RENTLUX of the services and contents offered on such web page or website.
      • RENTLUX shall not be held responsible for the contents or services made available to the public on the web page or website with the link, or the information and statements displayed there.
    2. Links to other websites: The RENTLUX Website may provide the user with links to other websites that are managed and controlled by third parties in order to help users find information, contents and Internet services but these shall not be considered a suggestion, recommendation or encouragement to visit them. RENTLUX does not market, run or check beforehand, nor does it claim ownership over contents, services, information and statements available on such websites. RENTLUX shall not be held responsible, not even in an indirect or subsidiary manner, for the contents, information, announcements, opinions or services linked from those websites that are not managed by RENTLUX and may be accessed through the website. Neither does it guarantee that these will be free of virus or other elements that may alter the user’s hardware, software, documents or files, and shall not accept any responsibility for any damages the user may suffer for this reason.

  6. Breach of terms. Exclusion Rights: The breach of the terms of service herein may be pursued, as well as the misuse of the Website and RENTLUX may pursue as many legal actions as required to defend its legal interests. RENTLUX reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the Website with no prior notice, of its own accord or at the request of a third party, to users who breach these terms of service.

  7. Changes to these terms of service: RENTLUX may change the terms herein at any time and will be duly published as these. These terms of service will remain in force as long as they are published and until they are replaced by others when duly published.

  8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: These terms of use and privacy policy will be governed by the Spanish legislation. For any conflicts or disputes related to the enforcement or interpretation of these terms and policies, the parties will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts assigned in accordance with the current laws.